Topic outline

  • Hey Fellow Teachers,

    The R.T.I. Team thought this would be a good way to make the forms handy for you. The intention of this website is to aid the teachers in the location of needed forms.

    The site is broken down into tiers with the forms below for each tier. There is a brief description of what goes on at each tier.

    Please feel free to give any suggestions on how we can improve this site and how the R.T.I. Team can serve the Teachers and Students better.

    There is also a calendar with student and team monthly meeting times.

    R.T.I. Team

  • Topic 1

    The Starting Process

    This is the beginning of the process, teacher's should have documentation about the student. Fill out with the L1 form,and turn it into the R.T.I. Team. Please make sure you state specifically what your concerns are.

    Documentation must show:

    1. Documentation of the number of referrals (both in class and office)
    2. Strategies used concerning the students need
    3. Dates
    4. Results of the used strategies

  • Topic 2

    Tier One

    At this stage a meeting with the grade level teacher, RTI team, and Parent will occur. Strategies will be given to the classroom teacher, with the intention of finding a solution to the Teacher's concerns and Student's needs. Strategies given will be such that the teacher may implement them as a whole group, small group, and/or individual aides.

    Forms to be filled out at the meeting:

    (1) IP -- Intervention Plan


  • Topic 3

    Tier Two

    At this level the use of small group interventions will occur. The RTI team members, Grade Level Teacher and the Parent will meet to discuss more intense strategies to be used in the hopes of assisting the student academically and/or behaviorally.

    Prior to the Tier 2 meeting the L3-- Health Information form should be completed by the parent.

    During the meeting the Tier 2 intervention plan is to be completed. The RTI members will again set up a follow up meeting with the Grade Level teacher for two weeks out, at the follow up meeting they will again determine if more strategies are needed or proceeding to next tier is needed.
  • Topic 4

    Tier Three

    This level of intervention is the last step before making a referral for Special Education services. The RTI team members, Grade Level Teacher, and Parents will meet to discuss more intense individual strategies to assist the student academically and/or behaviorally.

    At the meeting the Tier 3 intervention plan will be filled out. The RTI team will set up a follow up meeting for two weeks out, if at that time it is deemed previous strategies are not working a referral for special education evaluation will be requested.